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IFRI_Under the Sea

Monday, May 01, 2006

Unlike back at the algae store, here Tony was king! He ruled the dance floor with style, sass, and amazing hair. Lady fish wanted him, boy fish wanted to be him. "Would ya just watch the hair. Ya know, I spend a long time on my hair"

sketches sketches

posted by Jim Howard, 3:22 PM


I love it! This illo gave me a much needed chuckle!!!

commented by Blogger Ellen,3:47 PM


I like the inclusion of the sketches. It shows that you can work with your hands.

commented by Blogger z71z71z,9:42 PM


great take on under the sea!

commented by Blogger Rectite23,11:21 PM


okay...now this is good...love the story and image together. Work those hands...work 'em! I sense a hair insecurity with you. ??

commented by Blogger quiet storm,12:37 AM


Now you're starting to infuse more humor into the blogs, and ultimately -- gain the interest and respect of more and more fish. I love the Elvis look and lips on ALL. Good unity and palette choices here, but especially, the use of "washes" throughout that enhance the illusion of depth and MOOD. It's a keeper.

commented by Blogger fortwertz,1:30 PM


Hehehe! What fun!! ... GREAT job on the disco ball!

commented by Blogger TXArtcGal,3:39 PM


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