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Monday, April 10, 2006

Please note the turtleneck.
posted by Jim Howard, 1:37 PM


haha i like it! nice job!

commented by Blogger holly,2:44 PM


Hehehe! He won!!...nice job!..and, I see that 'turtle'neck!

commented by Blogger TXArtcGal,3:26 PM


Yay for turtles, especially fashionable ones!

commented by Blogger Kaya,7:01 PM


HE ! HE!! COOOL turtle!

commented by Blogger Alina Chau,2:52 AM


so the race was neck in neck?

commented by Blogger z71z71z,8:01 AM


No wonder he beat the hare. :-) Nice job.

commented by Blogger Rrramone,5:24 PM


The composition goes well with the theme. My favorite part of this piece is the underlying subtle textures applied to the layers...more than meets the eye, just like Mister How himself! btw - self portrait?

commented by Blogger quiet storm,9:41 PM


Diagonal movement and perspective -- just enough, yet so abundant. Profound, really. Each week your concept meshes so well with carry-through technique. You're one to watch out for, and quite dangerous on the dance floor.

commented by Blogger fortwertz,9:04 AM


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