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Friday, February 17, 2006

Mister Süng to you.
posted by Jim Howard, 2:57 PM


This Native Being is quite awesome; graphic, dimensional, and active. Classic b/w power baby! Lovely, maybe your very best.

commented by Blogger fortwertz,3:10 PM


Great Graphic Image!!

commented by Anonymous Anonymous,9:20 PM


Love how you've shown where the song comes from!

commented by Blogger Anonymous,10:32 PM


thats sooo great! i love it very well done

commented by Blogger KaRLa,3:01 AM


Ha! Kickin character. I want to drum his tummy!

commented by Blogger Gronk,4:20 AM


I really like your work. So simple, yet so clean and evocative.


commented by Blogger MjM,2:59 PM


Nice lookin guy, check out what this guy did with adobe illustrator i think, http://squidliberty.com/illustration.php?id=5

commented by Blogger COMPT,8:41 AM


This needs to be made into a stencil and then roughly stenciled in the center of your bass drum.

Stickers need to be produced for the guitar cases.

Guitar picks will be laser engraved.

For we are.....

Mister Sung

Look for the world tour 2009

commented by Blogger z71z71z,5:10 PM


Very cool!
Love, Sista

commented by Blogger lostgirl,11:47 PM


Strong design. The slight curvature that unifies this design is rather nice. The hair, now that is brilliant!

commented by Blogger quiet storm,11:09 AM


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