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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Simple in so many ways.
posted by Jim Howard, 10:30 AM


is that a cross walk. it reminds me of a young guy helping a old women cross the street.

commented by Blogger Tessa,10:39 AM


this is HOTT. just kidding, i gotcha. i like the contrast with the black and white, and the fact that you threw blue in there for the lettering. bien.

commented by Blogger openroundtop,10:39 AM


nice illo, i like it well done

commented by Blogger KaRLa,11:46 AM


well, I think that this is a very good concept, and it is also a relatively simple picture. my favourite part is how it looks like the two people are like walkin to the Y in the seventies.

commented by Blogger Sedley the thief,12:01 PM


Nice, love the two-tone style on the people. Did you use Illustrator alone for this? By the by, guess which one of your students this is.

commented by Blogger w1z0rd,2:27 PM


nice simple design!!

commented by Blogger Alina Chau,2:45 PM


thats awesome, nothing like speed walkers

commented by Blogger COMPT,9:09 PM


Are these people related to the Walkers? The wrist band reunion is apparently across the street!

commented by Blogger fortwertz,8:19 AM


are those ipods strapped to the figures?

commented by Blogger quiet storm,9:33 PM


wait, i think that is me and wertz (to the left) walking to morning basketball.

commented by Blogger quiet storm,9:37 PM


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