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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Rob says it's flavor. Sometimes it's heat. Did you ever miss with the hot glue gun and get a dollop of glue on yourself? Hot glue is to hot sauce as ouch is to wowwww...that's hot.
posted by Jim Howard, 11:04 AM


Mmmm...gotta love the hot sauce! Reminds me of wings and football! My tongue waters looking at this image...kudos.

commented by Blogger quiet storm,11:57 AM


NIce one, love the bold graphic feel.

commented by Blogger Jules,2:49 PM


Oww, I do remember missing with the gluegun and it wasn't a good memory. However, this is a really good hotsauce illustration!

commented by Blogger steve,7:51 PM


Great design--it captures the boldness of the flavor.

commented by Blogger Tony Sarrecchia,9:30 PM


beautiful design! Lovely

commented by Blogger Alina Chau,2:36 AM



More Ass.

Watch your ass!

commented by Blogger z71z71z,8:05 AM


Hmm....what filter is that on the bottle? It looks familiar.

commented by Blogger fortwertz,8:03 AM


this is great. the color choices, the composition, and the graphic impact are all wonderful. this looks like a professional piece for tabasco sauce.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous,9:13 PM


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