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Friday, January 20, 2006

Yummy kitty cat food.
posted by Jim Howard, 9:15 AM


Nice vector manipulation. We illustrated. I wish the egg prior this was tilted, though.

commented by Blogger fortwertz,9:20 AM


Oh, I like your cat ^^. It seems acrylic

commented by Blogger Ethe,12:30 PM


darling! i love the purple tongue!

commented by Blogger ValGalArt,1:44 PM


Funny! Great illo. Love black cats with green eyes.

commented by Blogger madretz,6:24 PM


That's a very mean looking cat. I like'im =D

commented by Blogger Sea Angel,8:51 AM


Fishing ? A well done illo with a very catlike hobby and expression.

commented by Blogger Katili,6:55 PM


hehehe! A fish's worst nightmare...Well done!

commented by Blogger Alexa Brett,8:32 AM



commented by Blogger Binsk,11:13 AM


And I think the poor fish knows it! Great expressions and illustration. :0)

commented by Blogger Aravis,3:27 PM


wonderful.. did he/she ever catch one?

commented by Blogger vfm4,5:48 AM


I need to study vectors I guess... haven't a clue... but I know cats and really like yours!!
Nice illo...I especially like the sleek neck on your pussy.

commented by Blogger quiet storm,6:21 PM


Is that Halley?

commented by Blogger jhill,1:45 PM


i remember this for the yummy kitty commercial

commented by Blogger COMPT,3:32 PM


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