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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Real men don't use lotion.
posted by Jim Howard, 9:16 AM


what is the brown blob? i like the toes... but overall that person has ugly feet... :-)

commented by Blogger jamie888,9:25 AM


Cute take on this week's theme.

commented by Blogger eriesargonaut,10:07 AM


ha ha! it took me a few seconds to understand what the illustration is all about! this is hilarious. great one!

commented by Blogger Jessica Wong,10:19 AM


real men dont wear flip flops..!ha ha
this is a really nice piece.

commented by Blogger shannonjyl,10:25 AM


what a great flip flop tan... personally I have a birkenstock tan. Great illo!

commented by Blogger Suzan,10:30 AM


ouch, that hurts....it's not just guys either ;)

commented by Blogger Lee,12:05 PM


Those look like they hurt!

commented by Blogger TXArtcGal,2:35 PM


hahaa ! good idea and nice illo!

commented by Blogger Tulipland,10:05 PM


Perspective is refreshing and unique. Those look like Guinness flip-flops!

commented by Blogger quiet storm,10:34 PM


Damn that would hurt. Fun stuff. Great job.

commented by Blogger The Unknown,3:27 AM


oh yes, i know only too well. great illo.

commented by Blogger ian russell,5:55 AM


I like your drawing and painting style. Funny idea.

commented by Blogger Bron Smith,10:23 AM


Are these your feet, Booj? And if so, they look freshly pedicured. I want a flip-flop tan...this makes me ITCH for summer!

commented by Blogger green,7:39 AM


Hot to the touch! I know what that brown blob is.

commented by Blogger fortwertz,8:31 AM


ha ha! great stuff! the little crab down there's a nice touch too.

commented by Blogger steve,11:46 AM


so true! reminded me of the summer after we got married, that i had to teach my husband that you don't wear socks with sandals, ever. ha! that's great. thanks for being creative.

commented by Blogger artofmyheart,1:33 PM


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