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Friday, March 03, 2006

Mantis with a mustache.
posted by Jim Howard, 1:00 PM


He loves his women so much that he eats them! Very humorous character development, sir.

commented by Blogger quiet storm,1:20 PM


i think he is under-disguise to get away from the man eating woman mantis... funny
Really cute!

commented by Blogger marcisenders,12:29 PM



commented by Blogger The Unknown,5:22 PM


mustache man approves

commented by Blogger COMPT,10:36 PM


He's cute

commented by Blogger Alison Ashwell,3:01 PM


Nice textures! I wonder if because he ate her/him that no one is dancing with him. More interaction?

commented by Blogger fortwertz,10:03 AM


He looks like he is "cha-cha-chaing!" Awesome illo!!

commented by Blogger TXArtcGal,10:24 AM


How cool, my 9 year old did a Mantis with a mustache too :)
Very funny!

commented by Blogger Geninne,4:38 PM


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