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Monday, February 27, 2006

Tai Chi, Chi Tea
posted by Jim Howard, 12:09 PM


What a wonderful illustration. She is so balanced that her tea does not even spill.

commented by Blogger AscenderRisesAbove,12:17 PM


What a fun illustration! Very nice!

commented by Blogger TXArtcGal,12:58 PM


You've captured the modern New Age yoga/tea woman! Very nice.

commented by Blogger Roz Foster,1:38 PM


Good one!

commented by Blogger Athreya,6:09 PM


Misterhow strikes yet again, in the style of Far Eastern Tao. Did you get the Fulbright this year?

commented by Blogger quiet storm,10:12 PM


Good mix of words and image!

commented by Blogger Anonymous,1:07 AM


Whoops, that was me above ...

commented by Blogger Anonymous,1:08 AM


This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

commented by Blogger j. schaller,9:17 AM


what happened to ur other idea

commented by Blogger j. schaller,9:18 AM


less is more, great stuff

commented by Blogger COMPT,8:04 PM


The big toe nails are a nice touch. Along with the subtle T...

commented by Blogger z71z71z,8:51 PM


Great elevation! Other than the oak leaf for a hand, this is hitting the theme on the button.

commented by Blogger fortwertz,8:54 AM


I need a copy!!

commented by Blogger Lostgirl,7:12 PM


That is so funny.
I like doing yoga too.

commented by Blogger Monkey Freak,3:41 PM


she is cool!

commented by Blogger Queen Tut,4:27 PM


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