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Monday, March 27, 2006

A little monster.
posted by Jim Howard, 1:56 PM


LOL! Good one!! I always wondered how such a creature would look in a tutu!

commented by Blogger TXArtcGal,2:52 PM


nice switcheroo poor innocent creature is easily mistaken for the monster at first but then clearly the little girl is the real monster

commented by Blogger COMPT,6:29 PM


Heh heh! Awesome job. And to think I work with these little monsters almost every day! Love these facial expressions and shadow work too!

commented by Blogger steve,7:28 PM


monster girl. switching roles. hehe
great job!

commented by Blogger jessi.tsoi,9:17 PM


good stuff...composition and idea married together very well. This is one kid that faced their fears and won. Your students should be proud of you being an artist-teacher...it's evident in their own work.

commented by Blogger quiet storm,10:27 PM


nice twist, misterhow, and an excellent illo.

commented by Blogger ian russell,7:15 AM


wow that came out good it is better with the girl pulling on his pants rather than the guy in her hands
but the monster does look like an ape

commented by Blogger SQUIRRELS,11:00 AM


Your best yet. Give me more.

commented by Blogger fortwertz,11:13 AM


I like it! Looks like you were able to pull off the tutu looking more real than in class! hehe

commented by Blogger Rachel,8:13 AM


that is hilarious! i know a lil girl that acts just like that: alil terror.

commented by Blogger saltygirl,3:20 PM


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