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Friday, April 21, 2006

One day soon he'll teach you too.


posted by Jim Howard, 1:21 PM


I really like the way you draw - the crispness, colors and especially the weirdness. The big wheel and the spoonlike head are just awesome!

commented by Blogger an orange,1:45 PM


Wow How, this is great! nice "self-portrait"

commented by Blogger captin_amazin,5:09 PM


Oh! I hope no, I prefer people.
Great illo, though ;)

commented by Blogger ilustricia,5:18 PM


teacher as cybersapien--hopefully after I'm long gone (I'd like to keep my job ya know). anyhow, this is very cool--thanks for including the sketches and glimpse into the process.

commented by Blogger steve,11:09 PM


Love the idea -- but sand/chalkboard font on the chalkboard isn't as convincing as it could/should be. Keep it hand-done like the 20% is. Also, love the wheel rendering instead of legs, which pushes the robotic tune more effectively -- but, but, ...these are not rivets. They are dotted lines, and appear more like a cop-out than a tasteful solution. Give me more-and don't post until I tell you to.

commented by Blogger fortwertz,10:32 AM


what an unsettling notion!

nice work.

commented by Blogger disappointed,9:10 AM


I love it! Maybe because I am a teacher...and, sometimes I feel like a robot because I have to repeat myself over and over and over until my students finally get it! :)

commented by Blogger TXArtcGal,1:46 PM


Let's hope not! I'd be out of a job! Great illo, though. I like the line quality.

commented by Blogger Dee,4:55 PM


wow that is creative i like the receeding hair line

commented by Blogger SQUIRRELS,11:40 AM


I prefer working with my hands, rather than allowing the machine to "rule" my creativity and dictate my artistic process. Nice clean illo though!

commented by Blogger quiet storm,7:48 AM


Congratulations on your purchase of the HowBot 4000! Included with your HowBot 4000 is a world of graphical talent, an odd sense of humor, and, of course, it's very on blog! Huzzah!

Very nice. I love the robotic version of you. The illustration on the chalkboard reminds me of Trogdor the Burninator!

(Oh, and go look at my writing blog - elwoodsantiago.blogspot.com)</shameless advertising>

commented by Blogger w1z0rd,8:42 AM


Well I really like everything about your robot. I like the color scheme you chose. I really think the details you put into the work makes a difference too.

commented by Blogger Beddia,2:28 PM


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