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IF: Trick or Treat

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tales were told about the Thompson house. Word had it that they were known to give out whole candy bars. Many a Trick or Treater sought out this spot.

Superman tried to resist, but he couldn't withstand the allure of the mighty Kit Kat bar.
posted by Jim Howard, 10:49 AM


Like a kitchen full of cabinetry. This display puts all the ingredients to the test. Keep this stuff up, and you'll soon need an apron.

commented by Blogger fortwertz,2:48 PM


hihihi it's superman!

commented by Blogger aeneadellaluna,1:04 PM


cool look!

commented by Blogger Eli,4:21 PM


Primaries toned to a delicate balance, robust design, and a successful retake of a throwback superhero. Who wouldn't be busting down that door?! Whole bars???

commented by Blogger quiet storm,9:51 PM


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