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IF: juggle

Friday, September 21, 2007

Juggling really isn't a talent. It's often featured as some amazing feat, but it's often the result of boredom. I learned how to juggle at baseball practice. Before and after practice there was time and plenty of baseballs. I can still juggle today. I'm quite good too! I try not to show off though, it's one of those "talents" that I can be made fun of for. I'm not the only one out there though so it's okay.
posted by Jim Howard, 2:44 PM


I learned how in much the same way. Pretty fun too!

commented by Blogger Rrramone,10:44 AM


I always wanted to juggle. Good graphic treatment.

commented by Blogger Toyebot,4:34 PM


Love the brayer, cut paper, and vector juxtaposition again. Now give me more subtle "grays" over the white hands to, as to not over simplify the distinct shapes. Wonderful vantage point.

commented by Blogger fortwertz,2:46 PM


oo. i like the perspective of this.

commented by Blogger Katie,2:08 PM


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