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IF: wedding

Monday, September 17, 2007

They spend hours there together. They're photographed and cherished for one day only. They spend the rest of their days in a small box inside another box in the heat of the attic or dark corner of a basement. At least they're together...forever, or until they melt. They'd still be together I guess.
posted by Jim Howard, 11:42 AM


I'm going to go ahead and comment: I'm finding it hard how others are not atune to the dynamics of shape and texture and cut paper and type play and intregal role in visual communication and design. Keep cutting. Give us more.

commented by Blogger fortwertz,7:14 PM


I mean I don't love it but if you do go ahead and do it. The one thing i do like is the color and what not. The shapes remind me of helicopter.swf

commented by Anonymous Anonymous,10:34 AM


Above comment was from bloggerman...I forget my password

commented by Anonymous Anonymous,10:39 AM


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