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IF: momentum

Friday, September 07, 2007

It probably wasn't the safest thing to do, but it sure was fun. We'd pull the wagon up the neighbor's long blacktop driveway then tuck inside the old metal wagon. Slowly we'd start to gain speed as we sped along the gentle slope. Stopping was tough! We'd put out our feet and drag our sneakers until we finally slowed to a stop.

I tried this ride a few months ago with my daughter. It ended with her falling out. She's fine, don't worry; ready to do it again. The kid in me will try again, but the Daddy will be a little more careful next time.
posted by Jim Howard, 3:47 PM


Love it!

commented by Blogger marcisenders,4:38 PM


This is great! Love the simple, all is fine expression. You made me laugh with this one ;)

commented by Anonymous get zapped,6:18 PM


I like your style here! Somehow, it's both child-like and sophisticated at the same time.

commented by Blogger Elizabeth Metz,9:08 PM


Love the simplicity! :)

commented by Blogger flora,6:40 PM


When can I try it?

commented by Blogger z71z71z,12:04 AM


hehe reminds me of what we'd do in shopping trolleys ;) - thanx for the comment btw

commented by Blogger michael,9:36 AM


i instantly thought of calvin and hobbes and how calvin would always have a philosophical epiphany while riding down a dangerous hill in his red wagon

commented by Blogger goalpost95,7:09 PM


Oh man... we use to do stuff like this as kids all the time. Sometimes when I think back I'm amzed that we survived childhood!!!

commented by Blogger Carolyn,5:12 PM


Almost as if there were a brayer drug across the page. Cut paper complements the raw textures.

commented by Blogger Andrew,8:05 AM


Almost as if there were a brayer drug across the page. Cut paper complements the raw textures.

commented by Blogger fortwertz,8:15 AM


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