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Friday, October 05, 2007

"Hey Buddy, I'll be right with you. Hey Buddy, you're up next. So Buddy, how is your semester going? Really, well that's great. How about that football team Buddy? Lean forward, I'm going to trim your neck Buddy. Ok, what do you think Buddy? Five bucks Buddy. Thanks Buddy, see you next time. Hey Buddy..."

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Buddy , Hey. Haircut interview. 04/10/94

posted by Jim Howard, 2:05 PM


amazing. yes. amazing

commented by Blogger murphy girl,3:46 PM


funny, it looks JUST like a barber.

commented by Blogger Teri C,3:49 PM


Really good!

commented by Blogger delaverobum,5:16 PM


Very cool.

commented by Blogger JO,9:06 PM


This is great, yesterday I was walking around central London and saw this scene for real....

commented by Blogger Weef,6:41 AM


Brilliant. Simply brilliant. I love this. The talent here is quite scary.

commented by Blogger fortwertz,1:58 PM


You nailed it this time, big H! Barbers always scared me and this dude possesses the same aura. A tremendous 'economy of means', my friend!

commented by Blogger quiet storm,10:23 PM


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