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IF: The Blues

Monday, October 01, 2007

Some days it's as if I could do no wrong. The pieces fall into the puzzle...the best part is that I am finally starting to notice.

There are still days though, that things seem like they couldn't get worse. At least my shirt is smiling!

posted by Jim Howard, 8:54 AM


Very expressive, and that shirt is crazy-cool!


commented by Anonymous hatrabbit,11:12 AM


great application of texture... !

commented by Blogger Janice,12:18 PM


This time the piece sings. In other words, it looks effortless & yet super communicative. The media is hard to decipher when and where it starts/stops, which is what I like.

commented by Blogger fortwertz,5:24 PM


Very expressive and unique. I like this piece a lot.
I used to have a shirt just like that. You look a bit cold in it.

commented by Blogger Robert D'Agostino,1:19 AM


The slight offset of the head, the interplay of rigid, vocal geometric patterning contrasting with the soft, simple blue head form, and did I mention the beautiful hue of blue...all of these elements work together to create a work that literally creates a "sound" for my eyes. Nice Job!!!
-Quiet storm

commented by Blogger quiet storm,10:36 PM


Awwww! My brotha! I am sorry you were blue. Hang in there. Everything will come out okay! And, you have such a cool midget! XX00

commented by Blogger Jennifer,9:10 PM


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