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Angels & Devils

Monday, May 15, 2006

This one goes out to all the ladies: Angels and devils, how can you tell if she is one or the other? She could be like her Mother, or when it a group, very much like one another. Angels and devils.

My daughter will not be going to prom.
posted by Jim Howard, 11:15 AM


fun design!

commented by Blogger Alina Chau,1:09 PM


Very clever piece and a good inscrutible question. Very sharp take on the theme this week!

commented by Blogger HARDWAX,6:40 PM


'Hands' down, best illustration ever.

Seriously. This should be a poster in the casino.


commented by Blogger z71z71z,11:22 PM


Witty and creative...Not only does it look pretty amazing, but the depth and craftiness the piece has is both interesting and likable. I'm guessing the lone angel in the pack is your daughter? High concept and thought is definitely what I like the most about this one. Oh, I tried to imitate your angel..Credit goes to you however.

commented by Blogger Sunshine,11:04 PM



commented by Blogger deji,9:32 AM


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