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IF: Excess

Friday, November 30, 2007

Here is my illustration for this week's illustrationfriday prompt—excess

"You have way too much time on your hands." "How do you find time to do that?" "He does nothing!"

No, I'm just that good.

I am after all, the fourth greatest design teacher in south-central Pennsylvania.

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posted by Jim Howard, 2:30 PM


great collage work! i like your style!

commented by Blogger claudine hellmuth,4:43 PM


Whoa...Mr. Full of Himself Guy! This is hilarious!

commented by Blogger studio lolo,6:36 PM


this is awesome!
LOVE your style.

commented by Blogger Katie,2:42 PM


The simplicity with which you captured the gesture is superb. Where you DO find the time is beyond me, but either way, you do well with it. Good Job!

commented by Blogger quiet storm,7:05 PM


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