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Illustration Friday BUZZ

Friday, January 05, 2007

Bob's refusal to use sweetener in his coffee always caught the family off guard.

The first sketch. The one below was supposed to be an improvement. Isn't it funny how sometimes it's almost impossible to improve on an original.

Just not quite as nice.
posted by Jim Howard, 6:41 PM


coffee buzz is a great feeling.
not sure what it does, but
it is useless in the decaffeinated varieties.
Cool drawings and concept.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous,9:28 PM


mister how did you make your profile pic with photoshop > liquify?
Cool distortions in there.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous,9:32 PM


Your illustration and your caption made me laugh out loud! And I'm sitting in the lobby of a hotel, so now people are looking at me weird. Thanks for that.

I love this illustration. Great shapes, great composition and a fun, quirkly feel to it. Well done!
gosh that is really funny. i like it!

commented by Blogger Kathy Weller,1:57 AM


Great heavy lines...super illustration and funny caption about 'tact'...

commented by Blogger Brine Blank,9:31 PM


I love the faces on your sketches.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous,9:05 AM


Nice weighted lines.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous,8:20 AM


I like the bee wearing a bow tie. i also like how you broke up the background! great work!

commented by Blogger moonsandstars,8:21 AM


hey misterhow. creative idea, love the usage of heavy black and the style.

commented by Blogger FromThaBrook,8:22 AM


Love the fisrt sketches your're making and planning to see how your final piece is going to turn out. Also I like the finished piece and how its edgy and scrathcy on the outer edges, it makes a cool look.

commented by Blogger lemon96,8:23 AM


i thought the idea was great. you could save yourself sometime when you do the sketches and not shade them in, instead use more shapes in your drawings and then you can apply color to them when you scan them in to create shadows. sorry to be critical wertz made me do it. i think you're buzz is just fine.

commented by Blogger greenfreak245,8:23 AM


very nice, some lines are lost however in the body, such as the legs of the bee, making it a bit confuzing, the choppyness works for the peice but maybe it is a bit overdone so maybe you could highlight the legs more, so they stand out from the body.

commented by Blogger Willow Ai,8:23 AM


i really like the sketchy, rough edges in this and the textures.. it really works for the piece

commented by Blogger Shebz,8:25 AM


i think that maybe you should make the background tie inwith the image like an outside setting and maybe a little more detail like on the wings of the image,

commented by Blogger ricanchica,8:25 AM


this is really creative... what if you tried to make the drawing with different medias like paint or pastel?

commented by Blogger katwit23,8:26 AM


I like the comic view. Makes me laugh. I also like how you approached a second sketch, and how it wasn't perfect when you posted it. I like the steps to the final piece. I like it a lot
Very nice, made me laugh. The Cartoonish style is awsome. Keep it up

commented by Blogger Blackfork,8:36 AM


This is a Doc Holiday Bee for sure. Where's the whiskey wax?

commented by Blogger fortwertz,12:09 PM


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