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Illustration Friday MIGHT

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Physical strength, dashing good looks and an incredible mustache were his. Now if he could just get the incredible shrinking woman to notice his sense of humor.

First version, too much detail?

posted by Jim Howard, 8:42 AM


Is that a slice of pepperoni on his chest from lunch?

Good work.


commented by Blogger z71z71z,9:53 AM


good work, but i prefer the sketch b/w

commented by Anonymous Anonymous,10:19 AM


A great face! Your accompanying text cracked me up. ROFL

commented by Blogger Catnapping,10:41 AM


very cool. I like seeing the sketch too


commented by Blogger John Coulter,11:33 AM


What a great character! Well done.
great work!

commented by Blogger Michelle Lana,12:15 PM


Another vote for the sketch and would like to see it finishe out!

commented by Blogger Brine Blank,4:30 PM


Oddly enough, I have to vote for the sketch, too. Your drawing and supporting text are great. Also love the tag line under your profile.

commented by Blogger IdiotHead,10:04 PM


Way cool sketch. Love the pizza comment from one of the bloggers! I think I like the wavy-lined background best. Too hard to choose...it's all good!!

commented by Anonymous Anonymous,11:45 PM


This one is nice i like the mustache you can never go wrong with a mustache

commented by Blogger SQUIRRELS,12:02 PM


Guys like this are funny. Hairy chests and rediculously bushy beards. I haven't been to a carnival in quite some time....

commented by Blogger Yinghër,11:56 AM


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