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Illustration Friday SMITTEN

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

It had been nearly twenty years since he had said goodbye. A chance encounter at a local used car dealer reunited two old friends. Like any relationship, there were good times and bad. Today though, they both felt something more.

Sketches sketches.
posted by Jim Howard, 10:09 AM


mr. howard this is a really good illustration i like the creativeness in it

commented by Blogger B. Workinger,10:25 AM


haha nice one mr. howard! its funny cause i was watchin an A-team marathon the other day........
Gotta have the flags -- great design idea. The description is one of those laugh out loud kind of times. So funny.

commented by Blogger fortwertz,2:09 PM


okay, so i actualloy laughed out loud at this, great idea and great exection, wish the ballon was a differnt color, but great job. actually something thats witty. wow

commented by Blogger Doug,1:17 AM


hey how. this is felix. i am lonely. your work is comforting. I look at it when i am alone in my house crying.

commented by Blogger Felixfelter,1:23 PM


I hate it when MisterHow is on the Jazz!


commented by Blogger z71z71z,11:59 AM


Pity me... I'm a fool. Well, here's a comment since you hinted at it so casually. Mr. T really exudes that suprised quality...Not sure how else to explain... Nice.

commented by Blogger Yinghër,12:43 PM


Great pic !! :)

commented by Anonymous Anonymous,8:49 PM


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