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Ilustration Friday FARM

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Tim was up early today and everyday. His alarm clock was somewhere inside. He had no time for morning DJ banter--he had work to do.

Sketches Sketches
posted by Jim Howard, 8:33 AM


fun illo!

commented by Blogger Alina Chau,10:05 AM


Very charming!
Nice, Tim is a very good man. I enjoy his produce. See you tomorrow 4th period.

commented by Blogger v 0 l k l,3:25 PM


I like it, you have a nice style :)

commented by Blogger JulPer,5:46 PM


I especially notice consistently the exaggerative perspective evoked within its shape(s); and, not an easy thing to do. That, and palette are strong. Are those my wheels?

commented by Blogger fortwertz,12:20 PM


the neighbor?

commented by Blogger z71z71z,8:19 PM


Great pic and a really neat Blog !

commented by Anonymous Anonymous,8:48 PM


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