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Illustration Friday PHOBIA

Monday, September 25, 2006

Today was probably not the best day for Theodore to realize that he was not a real bear.
posted by Jim Howard, 9:11 AM


I like your pink teddy.


commented by Blogger z71z71z,10:22 AM


Bless...looks so sad!

Ouissi x

commented by Blogger Ouissi Gresty,11:47 AM


oh, poor teddy. But maybe that fact that he isn't a real bear will help him?
great illustration

commented by Blogger tusen,3:00 PM


I like the details on the teddy bear. Good work.

commented by Blogger LedZeppelin5000,8:37 PM


Mmm...yes, you're getting close, especially within the tree. If you're going for the lino-block effect I'd like to see more of the simulated "cut" texture.

commented by Blogger green,8:16 AM


Illustratively rendered, yet cartoonly effective -- nice merge of the two.

commented by Blogger fortwertz,9:49 AM


cute, i love it! creative.

commented by Blogger chacha,11:10 AM


very sweet!

commented by Blogger irisz,3:02 PM


Identity crises suck!

Great stuff!

commented by Blogger Adrian Ropp,5:53 PM


I realle like this one. (:

commented by Blogger Muffin,6:12 AM


I love the style. the texture pulls everything together

commented by Anonymous Anonymous,2:11 PM


I love the style. the texture pulls everything together

commented by Anonymous Anonymous,2:11 PM


Wow pink thats nice i like the texture of the tree and the clouds in the background

commented by Blogger SQUIRRELS,11:37 AM


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