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Illustration Friday WIND

Monday, October 30, 2006

Sit back and be mesmerized by the dance of plastic bag--a true american beauty.
posted by Jim Howard, 9:15 AM


Lookout Kroger. New Supermarket Sherrif in town.


commented by Blogger z71z71z,1:09 PM


Well done and a great idea!

commented by Blogger steve,1:14 PM


Definitely a flightful journey this bag has embarked on. Just remember to recycle. Hey, that would be a nice slogan to accompany this with -- under a skateboard, perhaps. Nice use of MOVEMENT. It makes you want to retrace its 'footsteps.'

commented by Blogger fortwertz,3:14 PM


Great image and interpretation of the theme.

commented by Blogger Zara,3:15 PM


Your last 2 posts are your best. This one in particular has an etherial quality, namely due to its abstract qualities. Movement is dynamic! I am a sucker for darkened atmosphere and I think that is why I enjoyed your last 2 posts.

commented by Blogger quiet storm,7:59 PM


great, funny!

commented by Blogger Erika Ariente,8:16 AM


Great pic. I like the one for "Ghost" as well. You're on to something with your 2 most recent posts. The colours and composition are just so much better. Thanks for welcoming me to blogland too:)

commented by Blogger durianhead,11:43 AM


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