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Illustration Friday CLEAR

Monday, November 13, 2006

Some people blame their diet, others blame genetics. Either way, we're here now listening to the E.R. doctor exclaim...

posted by Jim Howard, 4:44 PM


Great concept for this week's them. I like the line quality and color combination. Nice job!

commented by Blogger Stacia,5:02 PM


Great idea!Hats of to you! I'm stumped for this weeks topic...

commented by Blogger Steve,5:04 PM


Very good job, I wouldnt have thought of that, very clever.

commented by Blogger bobdylan8,11:25 PM


I never want to see this!! Nice job!

commented by Blogger studio lolo,11:28 PM



commented by Blogger Jeannette,11:50 PM


well done. Great illo.

commented by Blogger Suzan,4:24 PM


I like the angle!

commented by Blogger lilygirl.art,7:35 PM


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