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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Here is my illustration for this week's illustrationfriday prompt MEMORIES

One of my favorite memories is that of elementary school recess. My school sat within a valley and the playground was up a small hill. I distinctly recall running full speed out the door, up the hill and straight to the merry-go-round. This merry-go-round wasn't the sissy kind with fancy horses and timpani organ and snare drums. This merry-go-round was a large metal wheel with two inch metal bars bent into handles. This was a wonderfully unsafe playground toy!

I was one of the runners. This rare and illustrious position wasn't given, it was earned--earned by relentless pushing and the occasional ride. Our goal as runners: get that thing going as fast as possible. Our riders hung on for dear life. Some were smart and found hand-holds near the center. The novices loosely gripped on the ends and were occasionally thrown off. No one was ever really hurt, but there were no doubt some bumps and scrapes.

My elementary school no longer has this glorious toy. It was replaced nearly twenty years ago by a vinyl wrapped slide/playset. Poor kids, they've missed out. It's too bad that this memory can't be there's too.

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posted by Jim Howard, 8:40 PM


Yeah, I hear you! I ran and rode back in the day, and yes, those things were fast! Good times, good job!

commented by Blogger steve,11:51 PM


Wow!, Cool.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous,8:07 AM


A wonderful illustration, both it its execution and for the interpretation. Also loved the trip down memory lane to those wonderful old merry-go-rounds. I was one of the clever ones in the middle and wanted to runners to go faster and faster. We had an incredibly unsafe (and glorious) childhood and I've lived to 63! Bring back dirt and adventure!

commented by Blogger Connie,12:48 PM


those days arn't gone yet i too remember riding and holding on for dear life on one of those merry go rounds what a glorious piece of fun

commented by Blogger goalpost95,5:07 PM


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