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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Here is my illustration for this week's illustrationfriday prompt FOGGY

In touch with his job

foggy forecast for today

could be a headache

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posted by Jim Howard, 8:22 AM



commented by Blogger Lonely Paul,8:38 AM


This is great, know how he feels, you captured it well.

commented by Anonymous sandra,8:52 AM


This is an incredibly cool illustration. As an 'outsider', I don't recognize the weatherman but you've completely fogged in where I grew up. You know about the UK weatherman who reported, 'A woman in X has just phoned in to say a hurricane is on the way, but don't worry, no hurricane' etc. That night the southern half of the UK was laid waste. I think the weatherman went into a monastery.

commented by Blogger Connie,2:29 PM


Great illo. I really like it. Congratulations.

commented by Blogger maria antunes,5:31 PM


I love it!

commented by Blogger elizabeth,6:53 PM


Very well done!
Brilliant idea, great style!

commented by Blogger temz4,5:25 AM


Hey Misterhow, its me bloggerman. I am sure you remember me. I mean I think this art work here is pretty good not my favorite, but ig ypou love it go ahead and do it. But on a more serious note I was trying to find your email and I couldn't find it. So if you could jsut shoot me an email at waterboyz17@yahoo.com that would be great. This is the only way I could think of getting in contact with you. And for all of you other people reading this dont get any funny ideas and send me an email.

commented by Anonymous BloggerMan,10:24 PM


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