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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I sat down to create a piece for this week's prompt and my three-year-old daughter, Grace, worked with me. I cut some of the pieces, but the art direction and composition were all hers. She didn't like the text on the face--guess my current style is lost on her. She also question where the pretty face was. She happily accepted the cut paper circles as eyes but when she decided she needed a nose, she picked up the pencil. That's pretty interesting, to me at least. When her figure was complete, she insisted on a house. I was thinking metaphorically like when I place figures in a space (usually a roughly inked piece of paper). She wanted more than just a space, she wanted a house. The funny thing is, when I gave it to her she wasn't pleased that the person wouldn't fit INSIDE. I told her "that's okay, he can stand in front". Did I just teach her about space?

For the few that may read this (and are interested), this isn't Grace's first post. Check out this one from a few weeks back.

It has taken me 30+ years to get comfortable with my work. Grace happily sat and cut and pasted all morning with me. I am blessed!

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posted by Jim Howard, 7:54 AM


You are a very lucky woman and Grace is pretty well set up as well! Loved the resulting image of your committee work. More please.

commented by Blogger Connie,2:51 PM


it is quite interesting what goes through a young child's mind, i see it all the time with my younger brothers

commented by Blogger goalpost95,6:28 PM


Go Gracie! Maybe you could post a Xander and Willow? :)

commented by Blogger Jennifer,8:26 PM


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