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IF: theory

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Here is my illustration for this week's illustrationfriday prompt–theory

Herman Francis was pleased to report that his idea was no longer just theory, it was functional travel and fun too!

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posted by Jim Howard, 8:12 PM



commented by Blogger scribblesk,9:27 PM


he's too cute, and very determined!

a : )

commented by Anonymous Anonymous,10:56 PM


Always great when theories disolve into application! I like your design, especially the smoke streak. Kudos...

commented by Blogger quiet storm,11:00 PM


What a strong chin on this fella! Great idea -- I'd love to be able to travel like that -- fast & light, the way your Illo feels. Great job.

commented by Blogger Toni,8:22 AM


and i'm gonna be a rocket man
-stewie griffin-

commented by Blogger goalpost95,3:49 PM


The foreshortened legs at to the depth and interest within the composition. Crop more cloud?

commented by Blogger fortwertz,6:39 PM


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