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IF: blanket

Monday, February 04, 2008

Here is my illustration for this week's illustrationfriday prompt–blanket

It doesn't matter whether it's a blanket or a freshly ironed shirt, the cat always finds it a wonderful place to sit.

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posted by Jim Howard, 10:40 AM


I like the torn edge and the simplicity of this collage and colors. Nice.

commented by Blogger Richard Cardona,11:06 AM


I kove the simplicty of the cat against the textures!

commented by Blogger stephanie moen,2:49 PM


Very effective, simple image.

commented by Blogger Rico,2:57 PM


i really like your warm color story, and kitty looks so comfy!

a : )

commented by Anonymous Anonymous,8:17 PM


This comment has been removed by the author.

commented by Blogger Vale,7:30 AM


the cat is so cute

commented by Blogger Vale,7:30 AM


on the contrary believe of others, this is not simple. its complexity just looks "simple". If this cat could talk it would say "Its my body, I do what I want!" haha.

commented by Blogger Ty,7:56 PM


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