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IF: backwards

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Here is my illustration for this week's illustrationfriday prompt—backwards

Harold was embarassed by his apparent lack of driving abilities once a trailer was hooked up to his trusty pickup truck. "This should be easier", he said to himself.

After the crowd of men watched him back into the concrete statue, that he had just purchased, Harold vowed to practice going backwards in at home so the next time there's an audience, he can look a little more manly.


posted by Jim Howard, 2:03 PM


Hopefully not a story from your move this weekend. Either way, seems as though it must have gone well. Nice gesturing of the figure (and story).

commented by Blogger quiet storm,10:54 PM


A wonderful take on the theme. This could almost be my husband - he would rather get out and move a trailer manually than reverse the tow car!

commented by Blogger Gillian,4:01 AM


Great colors and composition. I really like your style!

commented by Blogger curlyillustrator,8:27 PM


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