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Illustration Friday GRAVITY

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

If you hit your target correctly, they'll feel the slight sting first, then the drenching blast. The trick is the soft lob. Throw it too hard and it will explode in your hand. Watch that you don't overfill. Softball size is best.

I like the first one, but I thought it was too easy. Sinkers on the fishing line? Sumo...too offensive

Conceptual sketches of the final.

posted by Jim Howard, 12:44 PM


Reminds me of a Fourth of July party we had here in New York where we were throwing water balloons at each other. It was a surprisingly refreshing treat in the summer. Though it would be misery now in the winter.

commented by Blogger Andrew Thornton,10:03 PM


My little sister & I had a water war when we were kids, whem we would squirt each other with whatever we had on hand, from supersoakers to water balloons. My mother ended it when I stood outside & sprayed the garden hose through my sister's window.

commented by Blogger Tony LaRocca,10:58 PM


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