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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I chose to consider some operative words as I created this work for this week's post.

I chose to simplify the structure of the houses to reflect a universal theme. In retrospect, perhaps the chimney is too ethnocentric, but I feel as though the composition needed it. While the image may not be truly universal or timeless, it is the most generic The use of cut paper and flat, two-dimensional shapes allowed me to reinterpret a common pictogram for a house.

The use of strictly cut paper allowed me utilize found paper as an art element. The type that appears on the paper is intentional. It adds the to composition by adding an uncommon element. The small headline reads “Paper with Character” only adds to the piece and will be noted in describing other terms in the list.

Limited materials, minimal color palette, large dominant shapes construct the work. I left out unnecessary details.

I had almost left the work finished without the inclusion of the arms and hands. The windows suggested a human-like traits, but I thought that the inclusion of the hands added emphasis and wit based on the theme.

The elegance lies in the work’s simplicity. A concept was abstracted down to it’s basic theme and subtly presented in a basic hands-on medium.
posted by Jim Howard, 1:08 PM


Nicely done. I like the compostion a lot.
houses holding hands - cute!

commented by Blogger arvindh,2:10 PM


reminds me of love thy neighbor, mr rogers and things like that. Like the interesting use of the paper very unique

commented by Blogger goalpost95,2:40 PM


very nice illo,simply and strong

commented by Blogger carga,3:23 PM


funny illo

commented by Blogger carga,3:28 PM


i appreciate the straightforward approach, wonderful style!

commented by Blogger Linda,3:58 PM


I love the simplicity and boldness of this! Stunning.

commented by Blogger Lauren Kate,5:25 AM


nice work i like it alot but mor color would set it off you feel me.

commented by Blogger d-Block kiid,11:58 AM


I like the TEXTure on the buildings.

commented by Blogger However Mister,1:23 PM


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