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Illustration Friday SNAP

Friday, March 30, 2007

Troy's pink shirt made a statement. Leaving only one pearl snap closed made another.
posted by Jim Howard, 3:21 PM


Perfection! Love it! Thanks for the burst of inspiration.

commented by Blogger Tracey,4:24 PM


Uh, forget about the pink shirt, being green makes a bigger statement!
Fun illustration....

commented by Blogger mike,4:49 PM



commented by Blogger Ralph Verano,9:51 PM


Ha! You cracked me up!

commented by Blogger Kathleen Rietz,1:36 AM


Awesome character. Nice colors.

commented by Blogger Ammon,8:13 AM


lol he's kind of sexy ;)


commented by Blogger Pati @-;--,1:51 PM


this is wonderfully funny (cute little back story too)!

commented by Anonymous Anonymous,11:45 PM


Oh my. I think he tried to pick me up at a wedding once. Love this!

commented by Blogger gNat,12:11 AM


This has a great sense of style to it! Cool.
Oh, snap. The pencil work showing through the digital color along with the cut paper concepts are a blend we've all been waiting for.

commented by Blogger fortwertz,11:05 AM


Great style. Verry funny.

commented by Blogger jennifergrayolson,5:22 PM


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